Terms and conditions for franchisee

  • The franchisee will have to pay Rs.180 000/-, as franchisee fee (not refundable) for category A and 1,30 000/- for category B. Category A is the place in capital cities/district centers. Category B is the place in interiors of Districts (taluks and Hobli).
  • The agreement is valid only for 3 years. Agreement should be renewed by paying a fee of Rs.10 000/-& Rs. 5 000/-for A & B category respectively.
  • . The franchisee will have to pay a fixed amount of Rs. 100 000/- for A category (Negotiable) Rs.50000/- for B category for the advertisement cost per year. (NOT APPLICABLE)
  • In case of corporate training the franchisee will pay to BALC 20% of total amount charged for the said training.
  • Before starting any corporate training the franchisee shall inform BALC in detail by filling up a prescribed form to be supplied by BALC to enable BALC to send related course materials/ books for the said course.
  • A representative from BALC will visit the franchisee institute twice in a month (or more if necessary) to monitor the various activities related to BALC training programme. The franchisee shall make available all relevant information required by the representative of BALC.
  • The franchisee will have to send a report to BALC after every month narrating their performance during the period.
  • The franchisee shall not establish any branch office of its own to offer BALC courses or shall not promote any program of its own which is related or similar to BALC courses.
  • The franchisee shall use the name and logo of BALC on all signboards, billboards, and banners, leaflets, posters, letterheads and student identity cards. Franchisee will have to buy all the promo materials from HO..
  • BALC will arrange discussion meetings with the franchisee once in three months and the highest authority of the franchisee shall attend the meeting at their own cost..
  • The franchisee shall pay all taxes, if any, to the Govt. or to any Corporation or Municipal agencies or authorities or bodies and faithfully comply with all relevant rules and regulations..
  • Any clause / sub- clause of this document given by the BALC authority shall be treated as final..
  • The franchisee shall use the application form designed by BALC for admission of students and shall submit a photocopy of the filled form of all students admitted in BALC courses. The application forms may be obtained from the BALC..
  • The minimum batch strength to conduct a course shall be 10 students. To start with if any new batch falls short of 10 students, then the students may be diverted to other batches..
  • The franchisee shall issue an identity card to each student.
  • For realising student admission fees and other dues, if any, the franchisee shall use the money receipt books supplied by BALC. The franchisee shall return all the used receipt books with the counterfoils to BALC within one month of their being used (and also all unused or partially used receipt books on termination or otherwise discontinuation of the agreement).
  • In case of termination or discontinuation of the agreement, either party shall intimate each other 3 months in advance about termination or discontinuation, franchisee shall divert the students to other BALC franchisee/BALC, if possible. In such case sending franchisee will get 20% of the total fees realised from such students..
  • BALC will extend its assistance in recruitment of faculty and councellers if so requested for by the franchisee. For recruitment of any faculty or the counselors the franchisee shall inform BALC in the form of a proposal of recruitment along with the qualification requirement for the post(s). All recruitment shall be made after proper advertisement & written and viva test (at franchisee expenses)..
  • The franchisee shall allow BALC to evaluate and take feedback about performance of the faculty at a time and in a manner considered appropriate by BALC. The representative of BALC shall prepare a report containing their recommendation and the franchisee shall be obliged to abide by such recommendation.

If necessary the course fee will be revised once in every 6-months/12 months (depends the location of franchise centre).

  1. BALC franchisee should have a minimum of 1000 to 1500 sq.ft. area which should be easily accessible by bus or train.
  2. The said area should consist of a front office and 3 fully furnished classroom of 200 sq.ft.each and a computer lab of 300 sq.ft.
  3. BALC franchisee applicant must be in the age group of 21-50 years.
  4. Franchisee should have Rs. 4-10 lakhs as initial investment (depends on location).
  5. Dedication – The franchisee must spend at least 50% of his/her time at the BALC center.
  6. Franchisee should be self-motivated, committed and posses good administrative skills..

The course details:

  • BALC Spoken English,
  • BALC Computer Education,
  • BALC franchisee applicant must be in the age group of 21-50 years.BALC CADD,
  • BALC Hand writing courses

BALC franchisee will get

1.Franchisee license

  • a. Right to operate the designated study center
  • b. Right to run unlimited number of batches.
  • c. Right to tie up with schools & educational institutes.
  • d. Right to conduct corporate training for any organisation.

2.Independent territory

3 . Earnings in multiple of investment & effort

4 . BALC support in making your center successful

a . Marketing support

  • Quarterly ad in leading news paper(s)
  • Posting on BALC Website
  • Free demos/workshops at your center
  • Presence in mass-marketing media
  • Research & design of all the marketing material.

b . Training for starting up the center

  • Course training/ teachers training
  • Counsellors training
  • Marketing training

c . Operational support - Programme delivery

  • course material research & development
  • students’ assessment
  • Maintenance of student & franchisee performance records.
  • Permanent on-line support for any franchisee query.